Yes – T4T can bring programming to YOU! We are always bringing our van full of materials to schools, community festivals, and conferences for hands-on activities. All of the activities we offer at our warehouse can also be offered off-site. Want us to set up a mini maker-space? Done. Interested in a customized project? We’re on it. The programs you see below are our most popular requests, but we’re more than happy to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind engaging activity for your participants. Children and adults alike find our outreach programs fun, educational, and inspiring.

T4T rube goldberg

T4T towers

T4T beats by me

T4T eco vehicles

Ultimate Recycling Machine

Build a giant Rube Goldberg contraption to transport a plastic bottle into a recycling bin

Reach For The Sky

Build the tallest and most stable tower – can it resist the force of a simulated earthquake?

Beats By Me

Dissect a speaker to learn how sound works, then build up a set of working headphones

Eco Vehicles

Harness the power of ‘trash’ to build a car that can propel itself forward

T4T reselfie

T4T What Goes Where

T4T doghouse

T4T weather detectors


Re-create your image out of our 3-dimensional materials

What Goes Where

A recycling relay race, where kids learn what materials can be recycled

In the Doghouse

Build a home for a pet based on that animal’s requirements to be healthy and comfortable

Weather Detectors

Build a device that can predict or measure the weather


$750 (half day program – up to 3 hours)
$1200 (full day program – up to 6 hours)

Additional facilitator available at $100/hour

We can accommodate for a classroom up to 35 students
or for a festival of hundreds of people. Inquire to discuss details.

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