Materials Warehouse Membership


We are open for our members to ‘shop’ weekly and our warehouse is stocked full of an amazing assortment of unique materials in barrel after beautiful barrel.


The best way to acquire materials is to become an institutional member for a $1000 donation. This donation entitles you to 1000 units of materials from our warehouse. Institutional memberships will expire after 1 year so you have a full year to gather your material. You can list all teachers from your school on the Institutional Membership. This membership also allows the use of the warehouse space for a PD during the year (booking is based on available dates). You also receive a 10% discount on programs booked during the membership year.

An alternative is a $100 individual membership that will allow you to take 100 units of materials out of our warehouse. Your $100 donation is tax-deductible and non-refundable. You also have one full year to collect your materials. This membership is not intended to be shared.

Still not convinced? Check out a sample of the type of materials we routinely have on offer below!

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